By function(usage)

bottle cap for red wine  
bottle cap for beverage
bottle cap for phamaceutical
bottle cap for cosmetics
bottle cap for oil, vinegar

By inner structure

spout-out bottle cap
screw-off bottle cap
tear-off bottle cap
              By raw material
plastic bottle cap
aluminum bottle cap
aluminum & plastic bottle cap
              By dimension
 59.2 mm (H)  bottle cap
 58 mm (H) bottle cap
 47 mm (H) bottle cap
 34 mm (H) bottle cap
 20.5 mm (H) bottle cap
 17.5 mm (H) bottle cap
Glass bottles
Plastic bottles

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1. How can I get some samples?                                                                                                                                               
2. How long does it take to make the sample molds or mass production molds?                                                           
3. What about the production capability of your company?

4. What kind of international certificates can your company offer?                                           5. What is the terms of the payment?                                                                               
6. What is the MOQ for yr company?                                                                                       7. How do you normally pack the goods?                                                             8. Can I print/paint/foil or emboss my own logo on the cap? 
9. How can yr company ensure no liquor leakage from the cap?                                                                                
10.How can yr company ensure sanitary/clinical/hygiene safety level?                          
11.What does it mean by non-refillable,
double pilfer-proof or single-pilfer proof?
12.To make the double pilfer-proof bottle cap, are there any special requirements for the bottle neck?      
13. Do you have some special shape design of the bottle cap?                                                                                      
14.Where are your main markets?                                                                                                                                         
15. Why should we choose you?                                                                                                                                              
16. How can I contact you?

1. How can I get some samples?                                                                                                  
We can offer you samples from our stock for free. New clients are expected to pay for the samples' postage (courier cost).  You can have two options on paying the postage:                                                             
1) On collection basis: You can arrange a RPI (Remote Pick-up) service upon Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc, or inform us your Fedex, DHL collect account.                                                                                           
2) On prepay basis: you can remit the postage through West Union banking service and we will have it prepaid on our side.

2. How long does it take to make the sample molds or mass production molds?                                
Normally takes 20--30 days for the sample molds and another 25--35 days for the mass production molds. 

3. What about the production capability of your company? With over 400 skilful workers, we can produce one 40 HQ containers bottle cap within one week.

4. What kind of international certificates can your company offer?                                             
ISO, CE, SGS, US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and more.                                     

5. What is the terms of the payment?                                                                                                                Normally by T/T. 30% deposit before mass production, the rest 70% shall be paid off before delivery.    

6. What is the MOQ for yr company?                                                                                                      
100, 000--500,000PCS/item.                                                                                

7. How do you normally pack the goods?                                                                                                    Each cap in one poly bag (to ensure hygiene), big poly bag for 1000 PCS. Outer packing--in cartons, or pallet if requested.  

8. Can I print/paint/foil or emboss my own logo on the cap?  
Sure. We can print/paint/foil or emboss any design of your logos. Our printing includes : silk screen printing, offset printing, hot foil printing, gravure printing. To protect yr patent, before production, you are expected to offer us an Attorney Letter (Authorization Letter) to authorize our company the rights to produce the logo for you.

9. How can yr company ensure no liquor leakage from the cap?                                                                 
1) We need 4-6 bottle samples to show us the exact dimensions of the bottle neck;                                             
2) food-touchable liner (sealer) fixed inside the caps; the liner can be foam, rubber, etc.                            
3) careful lab test before mass production: fill the bottle with liquid, covered with bottle cap, put the bottle upside down for 48 hours to test the leakage;                                                                                       
4) strict and professional quality control process in mass production;       

10.How can yr company ensure sanitary/clinical/hygiene safety level?                                                                     
Our packing workshops are air packed & pressured, and each bottle cap is packed in a small poly bag in mass production;

11.What does it mean by non-refillable, double pilfer-proof or single-pilfer proof?                                     
"Non-refillable" means people cannot refill the content of the bottle in an illegal way. All spout-out caps, all tear off caps and most screw-off caps are double pilfer-proof, it means, after the cap is opened, there are two (double) ways on the cap to prevent the bottle from being refilled. Some screw-off caps are single pilfer-proof, which means, after the cap is screwed off (opened), the bottom part of the cap is still fixed on the bottle neck, this part cannot be removed unless by legal suppliers.

12.To make the double pilfer-proof bottle cap, are there any special requirements for the bottle neck?Yes. To make single anti-fake caps, normal bottle neck with screws is OK. 

While to make double anti-fake caps, apart from the normal screws, there should be some anti-slippery teeth on the bottle neck.    

13. Do you have some special shape design of the bottle cap?                                                                                    
Yes. We have some special T-shape designs:  

T-shape design A-    T-shape design B-screw-off plastic closures,screw-off bottle caps- ;          T-shape design C-    screw-off closures for Vodka, whiskey       

14.Where are your main markets?                                                                                                                                        
Our main markets includes  Russia, USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Canada, Poland, England, Hong Kong, etc,                                                                                                                                   

15. Why should we choose you?                                                                                                                                                
1. Efficient  service: normally we can reply your e-mails within one work day;                                                
2. Competitive: we are supplier ourselves, we cut off the middle men and pass the savings to you;             
3. quality products:
features of our bottles caps:                                                                                       
1) to ensure bottles
non-refillable (pilfer proof-- to protect the content of the bottles from pilferage);                     
2) highest clinical
(hygiene) safety level: our packing workshops are air packed & pressurized;                                
3) sizes/logos/colors/painting designs all be can customized;                                                                         
4) 100% no leakage of the liquid inside;                                                                                                     
5) all our bottle cap are opened without a knife/tool, just by twisting/screwing the caps' body with hand gentle power;

16. How can I contact you?                                                                                                                                                  Tel/fax:+86-513-6871 1672;          E-mail:      or         
Skype: angelagroup

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