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By function(usage)

bottle capsules for red wine  
bottle capsules for beverage
bottle capsules for phamaceutical
bottle capsules for cosmetics
bottle capsules for oil, vinegar

By inner structure

spout-out bottle capsules
screw-off bottle capsules
tear-off bottle capsules
              By raw material
plastic bottle capsules
aluminum bottle capsules
aluminum & plastic bottle capsules
               By dimension
 59.2 mm (H)  bottle capsules
 58 mm (H) bottle capsules
 47 mm (H) bottle capsules
 34 mm (H) bottle capsules
 20.5 mm (H) bottle capsules
 17.5 mm (H) bottle capsules
Glass bottles
Plastic bottles

Contact Information

Contact us

Features of our bottle capsules:                                                                                                               
1) to ensure bottles
non-refillable (pilfer proof-- to protect the content of the bottles from pilferage);                   
2) highest clinical
(hygiene) safety level: our packing workshops are air packed & pressurized;                                
3) sizes/logos/colors/painting designs all be can customized;                                                                          
4) 100% no leakage of the liquid inside;                                                                                                    
5) all our bottle capsules are opened without a knife/tool, just by twisting/screwing the caps' body with hand gentle power;

Injection Workshop Picture One Injection workshop Picture Two Molding Shopwork Picture One
Molding workshop Picture Two Printing workshop Oxidizing workshop
Polishing workshop Assembly workshop Packing Workshop

Whether you are looking for bottle capsules for spirit (strong alcohol, such as Vodka, Whisky, XO, Brandy, run, gin, etc), bottle capsules for red wine, bottle capsules for beverage( Cocacola, Pepsi, etc), bottle capsules for phamaceutical packing, bottle capsules for cosmetics/perfume, or bottle capsules for oil, sauce, vinegar, etc, we supply them all and offer you various options : say, by inner structure, we have spout-out bottle capsules, screw-off bottle capsules, tear-off bottle capsules; by raw material, we have plastic bottle capsules, aluminum bottle capsules, aluminum & plastic bottle capsules; by dimention, we have bottle capsules of hight 59.2mm, 58mm, 47mm, 42mm, 34mm, 28mm, 24.5mm, 20.5mm, 17.5mm, etc, by color, we have painted or foiled colors in blue, gold, silver, burgundy, orange, green, etc. In addition, we have glass bottles, plastic bottles to match with the bottle capsules.

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